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Sharing Intimate Images without Consent

Queensland introduced new laws in February 2019 to deal with revenge porn situations and the growing use of technology-facilitated abuse that was not otherwise strictly covered by other offences.  The effect that legislation amendment is that two new offences were introduced into the Criminal Code – Distributing prohibited visual recordings and Threats to distribute intimate … Continue reading Sharing Intimate Images without Consent

Is Mediation an option instead of going to court?

Formerly known as Justice Medication, adult restorative justice conferencing is a facilitated meeting between an offender and the victim of their crime that can allow matters to be diverted from the court and reach a solution that is more favourable to all parties involved. What is Adult Restorative Justice Conferencing? Adult restorative justice conferencing allows … Continue reading Is Mediation an option instead of going to court?

How does parole work in Queensland?

Parole orders are used to prevent a defendant from reoffending in the community and to protect the safety of the community.  A parole order allows a defendant to be supervised in the community for the duration of the order by the Department of Corrective Services who can impose conditions on where and how they live. … Continue reading How does parole work in Queensland?

Breaching a domestic violence order

How can a Domestic Violence Order be Breached? Every Domestic Violence Order (DVO) in Queensland contains the following mandatory condition: The respondent must be of good behaviour towards the aggrieved and not commit domestic violence against the aggrieved Therefore, if the respondent is not of good behaviour towards the aggrieved, and/or they commit domestic violence … Continue reading Breaching a domestic violence order

Double Demerit Points – When do they Apply?

Double Demerit Points It is a common misconception that all offences during holiday periods will attract double demerit points. In Queensland, double demerit points apply at any time of the year for repeat offenders for certain types of offences.  They do not apply only for holidays periods. If you repeatedly commit a specific type of … Continue reading Double Demerit Points – When do they Apply?